Cameroon Micronutrient Intervention Programs

Mayor.jpg Background

Micronutrient deficiencies can be addressed via a broad range of different intervention strategies, including intermittent or continuous preventive or therapeutic micronutrient supplementation, large-scale or targeted food fortification, social and behavior change communication to encourage greater consumption of micronutrient-rich foods and to promote optimal breast-feeding practices, agricultural interventions (including biofortification) to increase the year-round availability of and access to micronutrient-rich foods, food processing to enhance micronutrient uptake, and health interventions such as deworming and diarrhea control to improve micronutrient absorption and utilization.

Micronutrient Intervention Programs - Existing and Experimental

The MINIMOD team has modeled the following existing and experimental micronutrient intervention programs for Cameroon (with links to more information from the World Health Organization).

Micronutrient Delivery Platforms

The MINIMOD team has modeled the distribution of selected micronutrient intervention programs via the following delivey platforms:

More infomration on these delivery platforms can be found here.